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Wrist Wrap Compression Brace

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Introducing the Wrist Wrap Compression Brace! When it comes to treating hand and wrist pain, you deserve more than just a pack of frozen peas! 

 Gel Technology ~ The Gel is non-toxic and remains flexible in both cold and heated states making  it easy and comfortable to wrap around the afflicted area. 

 One Size Fits All ~ You don't have to worry about measurements and sizing when ordering our wrist wrap! Place thumb through the opening, adjust the strap and tailor the fit to you.

     Trusted Treatment ~ This treatment is used and recommended by physical therapists for natural wrist pain relief and support.

    Ice Therapy

    Remove the Gel Pack and place in the freezer for 40 Minutes to activate Ice Therapy.

     Manage acute pain ~ Reduce inflammation and swelling by restricting blood flow to tendons and joints around the wrist.  While applied it also reduces nerve activity providing numbing pain relief.

     R.I.C.E (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation) ~ With this product you can both Ice and apply compression to the affected area. Meaning all that is left for you to do is rest and elevate!

    To avoid nerve, tissue and skin damage only apply for 10 - 15 minutes at a time. Repeat 2 - 3 times per day for best results.

    Heat Therapy

    Remove the Gel Pack and place in the Microwave for 30 Seconds to activate Heat Therapy.

     Manage chronic Pain ~ Soothe muscles and stiff, sore joints affected by arthritis. 

     Improve Blood Flow ~ Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area improves blood flow and circulation. This soothes discomfort, increases muscle flexibility and heals damaged tissue.

     Reduce Lactic Acid ~ Increased blood flow and circulation also helps to get rid of lactic acid waste build up, which contributes to pain. 

    Unlike Ice Therapy, Heat Therapy can be applied for extended periods of time. Minor stiffness and tension can often be relieved after 15 - 20 minutes. Moderate to severe pain can benefit from longer application periods between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

    All of our products are shipped from our warehouses in the United States. We currently estimate the following Shipping Times ~ Expedited Shipping: 1 - 3 Business Days. Standard US Shipping: 5 - 8 Business Days.

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