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Therapeutic Facial Mask

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Heat Therapy

Simply insert your mask into the microwave for 30 Seconds to activate the Heated Facial Treatment.

Therapeutic Applications

✔ Relieve Facial Tension
Apply the heated Gel Face Mask after a long day of staring at a screen and feel all the built-up tension melt away.

✔ Relieve Anxiety
The relaxation affect has been proven to contribute towards Anxiety reduction and improved sleep quality.

✔  Relieve Dry-Eye
Discomfort is reduced through improved blood circulation and stimulation of the oil glands that produce tears.

Cosmetic Applications 

✔ Blemish Reduction
If you suffer from blemishes the blood flow–boosting treatment will help to draw out Dirt and Pus from your skin and expedite healing. 

✔ Pore Opening
If you suffer from clogged pores then this enhanced pore-opening treatment will help to expand pores and push out impurities.

✔ Natural Glow
Improved blood flow will also increase oxygen and nutrient delivery giving your skin a natural glow.

Ice Therapy

Simply insert your mask into the freezer for 40 minutes to activate the ICE Therapy.

Therapeutic Applications

✔ Revitalised & Refreshed
Apply the gel face mask ice pack and instantly feel revitalised and refreshed.

✔ Ailment Treatment
Ease sinus pain, migraine relief, reduce inflammation (rashes / bites / sunburn) and fight acne.

Cosmetic Applications

✔ Fight Wrinkles
The face mask ice pack Treatment tightens the skin, locking in moisture which optimises skin hydration and fights wrinkles. This also minimizes the size and visibility of pores.

✔ Reduce Eye Puffiness & Bags
Applying the mask constricts the blood vessel walls and shrinks capillaries around your eyes - reducing the size of bags under the eyes.

✔ Reduce Visible Facial Veins
Constriction of the blood vessel walls helps to reduce the appearance of facial veins and broken capillaries.

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