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Our Family

Our Family

As a family run business we are unified in our vision to build a portfolio of Specialty products that serve to inspire and allow people to live a balanced and healthy life.  We are dedicated to you, because, we care.

“The start of any journey is the first step!”

Specialty Select took that first step in February 2020 where we realized there was a paradigm shift in our daily “Normal” routines and the challenges this presented to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


As an active family facing these challenges, we have and will continue to source products, that will help to alleviate physical and mental stress. We carefully choose the products we carry, scrutinizing price, quality, functionality, and of course safety.


We aim to provide the great value and service our family expects when making any purchase. We look forward to helping each of you improve your fitness, health and wellness without breaking the bank!


 Thank you for your support in helping us to grow a community of mentally and physically healthy people!

Specialty Select Team