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Why Should You Use Booty Bands?

By: :Tayla June 0 comments
Why Should You Use Booty Bands?

The Power of Booty Bands

From Kim Kardashian to Cardi B having a busty booty has become a priority in the fitness regimes of women the world over. But, is it possible for us as mere mortals to achieve the perky bulge rocked by our favorite celebrities? Of course it is - with the help of the most versatile accessory of 2020 – the booty band! Perhaps you have considered giving booty bands a try in the past? But, you weren't quite sure whether they actually worked? The beauty of the booty band is in its simplicity and versatility ~ offering a huge range of isolation exercises. Wearing a band while exercising will maximize the effects of the exercise you are doing. You will achieve a firm and toned body faster as well as improve your strength and muscle resilience.

Why are Booty Bands one of the best-selling Fitness Accessories?

From us “normal” people to athletes and famous internet trainers everyone loves the fabric booty bands. As you will find out in this article, there is no surprise as to why they are used by EVERYONE.

Extreme Portability

Booty bands are small, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere! Are you are going to a gym, the park or your living room for your workout? Are you going on vacation and want to maintain your routine? The glute bands can be taken anywhere, stick them in your handbag or in your luggage and you are good to go! Your booty band will take up as much space as a pair of socks. Where can you find another fitness accessory as portable as this?

Easy to Use

Whether you are a beginner or a professional you can perform the same routine using the same accessory. The fabric resistance bands are really your best friends from your first use all the way through to your 100th, they continue to help you become and maintain a fit and toned body even when you reach an advanced level of training.

Most fabric loop resistance bands are sold in sets of three with varying resistance levels. The first band offers minimal resistance for beginner users (usually between 14 Lbs and 15 Lbs). The second then increases in resistance (usually between 25 Lbs and 35 Lbs) and the final heavy band usually offers between 40 Lbs and 50 Lbs resistance. The great thing about resistance band sets is you can tangibly measure your strength and fitness progression as you increase the level of resistance with each band.

Not Just for Booty Gains

We call them booty bands; however, this fitness accessory is extremely versatile. You can use them as upper body workout accessories, simply wear the band around your arms or shoulders to strengthen and tone. The perfect full body workout companion.

Simple to Use

Have you ever ordered a fitness accessory online and spent hours wondering how to use it? You will not encounter this problem with the booty band, just put them around your legs and you are ready to go! Not to mention the thousands of free YouTube workout videos you can use to perfect your technique and build routines!

Stylish and Funky

Due to their immense popularity there are a huge variety of colors for you to chose from to express your individuality. My personal favorite is the booty band offered by Specialty Select - CHECK THEM OUT! -. These bands really are a girls best-friend for booty building!

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