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Therapy Facial Mask and Why You Need One

By: :Thomas Frazer 0 comments
Therapy Facial Mask and Why You Need One

In a world where swollen eyes, stress, head discomfort, and sleepless nights are a thing, a hot and cold Facial Mask is a heavenly therapy.

Therapy Facial Mask Benefits

For those not familiar with it, this facial mask is filled with calming gel beads fashioned to reduce those puffy, panda-like circles under your eyes, can open or close your pores which is a perfect add-on to your beauty and skincare regime. 

While it’s popularity is rising in the world of skincare and beauty, it’s therapeutic benefits are also getting a lot of attention. It helps relieve tension headaches, facial swelling, temporomandibular joint disorder or jaw joint pain, eye bruising and sinus tension. It also helps relieve stress, uneasiness, anxiety, restlessness, and improves sleep quality.

Hot or Cold therapy, When , and How To Use Them

For heat therapy, microwave for 30 seconds


Heat will dilate blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow, thus relaxing and loosening facial muscles and relieving pain.


When to use:

Use the heat therapy when you have tension headaches, uneasiness, anxiety, restlessness, difficulty sleeping.


Remember not to use heat packs if you have open wounds in the face, facial swelling or bruises, and facial numbness (you could potentially burn yourself).


For cold therapy, freeze


Cold will constrict blood vessels, allowing for less blood to flow, thus alleviating swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. It can also function as an anaesthetic by numbing aching muscles.

When to use: 

Puffy or swollen eyes, sinus tension relief, facial swelling, migraine, and head discomfort, temporomandibular joint disorder or jaw joint pain, stress, cracked nose from injury, eye bruising.


Remember not to use cold packs if you are susceptible to cold, your skin has open wounds, have facial numbness, and facial cramps (can worsen the condition).

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What People Are Saying About This Product

Models, ordinary citizens, and even beauty enthusiasts love this! It’s natural, user-friendly and convenient, effortless, not dangerous to use, and serves a dual purpose of beauty and therapy. 

With all the negativity around the world, the stress, burdens, swollen dark eyes, head discomfort, and the sleepless nights, let it be a reminder that the world has slowed down so we can all rediscover ourselves. Take time to refuel and give yourself time to pause. Say yes to self-care and stay safe at home. Order your self-care therapy facial mask online now.

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