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Now You Can Shop for Home Fitness Equipment Online With No Regrets

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Now You Can Shop for Home Fitness Equipment Online With No Regrets

As COVID-19 takes the world by storm, people are forced to face a new reality. Fitness studios grapple to operate with social distancing, which eventually lead to either temporary or permanent closure. The shift to home workout and staying healthy has inspired Specialty Select to launch an International Home Fitness Equipment Online Store offering best value home fitness & wellness products.

About Specialty Select

Specialty Select is a family-owned and managed company that sells home fitness, health and wellness products online. New products are continuously being added with an expectation to reach hundreds of products by mid of 2020.

Specialty Select is not merely about selling “affordable” fitness products. All products it carries are scrutinized for quality, price, safety & overall value. Simply think of it as an online fitness store where you can find selected products that you’ll trust for your loved ones. Above all, it is cheaper compared to leading online stores.

Save more when you buy from Specialty Select

While other online stores sell a smart fitness watch for about $50-$100, at Specialty Select, you’ll find yourself spending only 24.99 USD with all its essential features and a IP67 Standard Waterproofing! Check out Fit Smart Watch. The same affordability is true for other products available. 

cheaper fitness smart watch


Product Line-up as of May 2020

Fitness Accessories

  • Sliding Fitness Discs
  • ISO-HIP Trainer
  • Non-Slip Lifting Gloves
  • AB Mat
  • Agility Ladder
  • Steel Cable Jump Rope
  • Core Fitness Wheel
  • Bicep / Tricep Isolation Band

Fitness Electronics

  • Ab Muscle Toner
  • 14Pcs Replacement Gel Pads – Muscle Toners
  • Buttocks Toner
  • Digital Jump Rope
  • Therapeutic Muscle Massage Gun
  • SuperBass Wired Headphones
  • Mini Wireless Earbuds
  • Bluetooth Sports Headset
  • Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fit Smart Watch

Resistance Training

  • Waist Trainer Resistance Bands
  • Resistance Bands Workout Set
  • Silicone Forearm Strengthener
  • Silicone Finger Strength Trainer
  • Adjustable Grip Strengthener
  • 30KG Loading Weight Vest
  • Resistant Workout Band
  • Resistance Bar
  • Resistance Pedal Band

Yoga and Studio

  • Yoga and Fitness Bags
  • Yoga Stretch Strap
  • Canvas Yoga Bag
  • Stretch Foam Roller
  • Endure Yoga Mat


Specialty Select Offers Global Shipping

Specialty Select ships products globally with expedited shipping available in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Free shipping is available for Signature Collection orders! 


Product and Payment Guarantee

Specialty Select’s business model is backed with product quality assessment. All products are covered with a 30-day product guarantee. Defective products may be returned within 30 days of receipt. Shipping cost will not be covered unless items are defective. Learn more about Product Guarantee and Refunds.


100% Secure Payment

Additionally, Specialty Select is fully PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The shop accommodates payment methods via Paypal , Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All payment channels are safe and secured.

Keep up with your health and fitness without breaking the bank. Shop with us here at Specialty Select. Got any questions? Send an email at

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