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5 Best Home Fitness Apps of 2020

By: :Thomas Frazer 0 comments
5 Best Home Fitness Apps of 2020

Think of Fitness apps as your fitness coach or buddy. It teaches you step by step exercises, proper executions of workouts, tracking of calories, diets, motivation and so on. But with hundreds of iOS/Android Fitness Apps out there, how do you determine the one that’s compatible to you?

Let’s help you sort it out starting with our selected top home fitness apps of 2020. We have qualified the apps in terms of their ratings, popularity and their functions.


Top 5 Home Fitness Apps in 2020


MyFitnessPal app iOS

(Android, IOS) 4.5 stars 2M reviews

A Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app by famous brand Under Armour Inc. MyFitnessPal is your choice of app to help you lose weight, and transition to a healthier body by changing your habits and diet. 

This app is loved by many, and has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, USA Today, and many other known avenues. It can calculate the calories you gained against the calories you burned. Simply input your food consumption and physical activities and the app will do the computation for you! The app has the best food database in the market, is compatible with many devices, and has excellent input controls. Moreover, availing the premium version of the app provides information on the nutritional content of your food. MyFitnessPal helps you become mindful of your activities and relationship with food to help you achieve your goal.

Download MyFitnessApp on Google Play or Apple Store


30-Day Fitness Challenge

30-Day Fitness Challenge App iOS

(Android, IOS) 4.8 stars, 564K reviews

Want to start working out but don’t have a routine to follow? 30-day Fitness Challenge is a great app that provides scientific workouts to improve your health and body. It can also be used to switch up the existing workout routines you have. 

This app has exercise routines for people of all fitness levels, ranging from easy to medium for whatever level you choose. It contains workout routines that either target a specific body part or the whole body itself. Moreover, the app comes with YouTube videos to guide you on how to perform an exercise correctly. The 30-day Fitness Challenge app is straightforward and easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it brings various workouts that can be performed within the comforts of your own home! 

Download 30-Day Fitness Challenge App on Google Play or Apple Store


8Fit Workouts and Meal Planner

8Fit Workouts and Meal Planner App on iOS

(Android, IOS) 4.5stars, 145k reviews

8Fit Workouts and Meal Planner hits two birds with one stone as it brings you on-demand workouts and meal planning in just one app! It comes with suggestions, reminders, and instructions to guide you in your fitness journey. 

This app enables you to create your own personalized program depending on the results you want. It has options for those who want to get fitter, lose weight, or gain muscles. Additionally, the app takes the details about your lifestyle into consideration. If you prefer working out at nighttime instead of daytime, no problem! The app will provide a program suited for YOU.

Download 8Fit Workouts and Meal Planner on Google Play or Apple Store


Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness app on iOS

(Android, IOS) 4.5 stars, 48k reviews

Another app by Under Armour, Map My Fitness lets you track your route when running, as well as other physical activities you have done for the day. Whether it’s walking your dog, going on a brisk walk, or vacuuming your floor, the app has options that can keep it in check! It also comes with free workouts and programs depending on what results you want to achieve

Moreover, Map My Fitness has a useful and unique twist compared to other fitness apps in the market. It is more than just a tracking app with free workouts, but a fitness community as well! The app lets you add friends and share your routines or workouts with them. There is also an option to create posts or share pictures of your fitness journey to inspire others.

Download Map My Fitness on Google Play or Apple Store



Keelo App on iOS

(Android, IOS) 4.4 stars, 200 reviews

Keelo is a fitness app for full-body, HIIT (high intensity training). It comes with strength, cardio, and muscle conditioning in more than a hundred workouts available! Some of these workouts come with paid upgrades, but most of them are free.

The HIIT workouts in this app can be done using body weights or equipment. If you have fitness equipment lying around, Keelo has a filter feature to find workouts that make use of what you have at hand. Moreover, you can pick the duration of your workouts depending on how much time you want to. You can go for a full 20-minute workout or adjust it to your preferred duration. Aside from these features, Keelo works with smart watches to sync with your calories spent, duration of exercise, and your heart rate. It is undoubtedly one of the best fitness apps of 2020!

Download Map My Fitness on Google Play or Apple Store


Although these apps are extremely helpful, it is best to remember that consistency and hard work are factors that affect the results you’ll get. Starting your home fitness journey? Buy home fitness online at Specialty Select. All products come with a 30-day product guarantee. Shipping available worldwide. 

Good luck in your journey to a better you!

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