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3 Best Resistance Bands under $30 for Your Home Fitness

By: :Thomas Frazer 0 comments
3 Best Resistance Bands under $30 for Your Home Fitness

Resistance bands have become so popular because it is lightweight, practical and it allows you to perform a variety of training exercises. At Specialty Select, we get questions like, “What’s the best resistance band to buy?”. Here are our top selling resistance bands, their features and what people love about them.


1. Resistance Band Workout Set

Price: $24.99 from Specialty Select

Buy the Resistance Band Workout Set 
or opt for the Premium Resistance Band Workout Set.

This multi-pack fitness accessory is making noise amongst fitness aficionados. It comes with 5 bands that allows you to train from 10lbs resistance all the way up to 100Lbs! The band’s materials are made from high quality natural latex and thread count nylon. Which means that you don’t have to worry about the band breaking during your exercises. With this fitness accessory alone, you can be able to perform over 100 training exercises within the comforts and safety of your home. So if you are looking for the best resistance band, this is it! 

Package includes:

5 resistance bands with detachable padded handles, ankle straps and a door anchor.


2. Resistance Exercise Loop Bands Set

Price: $24.99 from Specialty Select


Another resistance band that is trending in the world of yoga, pilates, bodybuilding, lifting and rehab. The set comes in 3 pastel colors, offering 3 resistance levels from Light, Medium to Heavy. It is so versatile that it can be used by different fitness levels: beginners, intermediates and even athletes.

Majority of customers who have bought this item expressed their satisfaction for the reason that it is truly useful at an affordable price. It is also lightweight and a great alternative for machines.

Package includes:

Three bands coloured bands, carrier bag, and exercise book.


3. Resistance Pedal Band

Price: $24.99 from Specialty Select


This fitness accessory offers a multifunction structure which allows you to use it as a sit-ups helper, yoga equipment, and muscle training for abdomen, arm, leg, waist, and so on. It's another perfect home fitness tool! Resistance Pedal Band features a Twisted Tensile Technology that provides up to 15 Kilograms of resistance training exercises. 

Customers who have bought this item loved the fact that they can use it while watching TV or while sitting on a couch. Some customers appreciated the soft foam grip, no more worrying about workout calluses!


Resistance bands continue to be popular not only because of their portability and affordability, but they are truly effective in losing weight and muscle training. Visit Specialty Select’s Resistance Training to see more products related to resistance bands.

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